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The Clicker Covers Story

Thanks for visiting ClickerCovers!


Every time I’d travel — for work or with my family — I’d look at the remote control as a necessary evil. Either I’d want to watch TV, or my kids would “need” the Disney Channel…there was no way to keep everyone happy without touching that thing. Or was there?


Clicker Covers is a barrier between you and the remote control. And using it takes less time than it took for you to read this sentence. Slip the remote into the Clicker Covers sleeve, seal it with the self-adhesive strip. THAT’S IT.


Necessity is the mother of invention. When I started Clicker Covers, I wanted to solve the problem of touching germy hotel remotes. Then I saw it could also be used at home during cold and flu season. And now that the world has changed, we're all seeking practical ways to keep us safe. So I hope you find our product both useful and affordable.


Clicker Covers are bio-based. No use of fossil fuels — they’re made from sugarcane: a 100% renewable resource and 100% recyclable. And to sweeten the deal (yes, I went there), they’re produced by a company based in NYS.


My family and I have found new uses for Clicker Covers — including cell phones. If we’re out and want our phones sealed up, Clicker Covers are thin enough to allow for touch screen usage. What can’t these little guys do?! 

Well, a lot, actually. But they can solve a few of our common problems. So give them a try and help us spread the word! Clicker Covers are now available both on this site and on                          . Share your Clicker Cover photos on Instagram and Facebook.


We also sell a range of other useful products for home and office use — completely unrelated to germs or remotes! Tired of holding your phone or tablet while you video chat or stream your favorite movie? Frustrated trying to follow that online recipe while you cook? PhoneProp, ShapeStandand (it’s bendable!) and TabletProp and are here to help. All of our designs are practical, affordable and simple to use. And, they’re all tween tested and approved. Whew. Just visit                                                      or                          .  And check out our Instagram at                      . .


Thanks for shopping with us and be well,


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