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SIZE: Standard (10 x 3.75)


  • This listing includes 500 Clicker Cover Bags packed flat in a 12 x 5 x 4 cardboard box.
  • Protect yourself from that icky germ-ridden hotel TV remote control by completely covering it with a protective barrier.
  • Bags are slightly over-sized in order to fit the vast majority of hotel remote controls. Self-adhesive closure is simple to apply (no ties or bands). Excess can be folded or tucked in on back side of remote if desired.
  • TV remote controls are often cited as the greatest hotel cleanliness concern. Fully enclose it in a durable clear bag and make it worry-free.


Each see-though durable 2 mil thick Clicker Cover plastic bag comes with a self-adhesive flap closure to quickly and easily encapsulate the TV remote control. The slightly over-sized bags are large enough to fit the vast majority of hotel remotes and don’t interfere with the controllers’ functionality.


Worry free in one-two-three: (1) drop the remote in the protective bag (2) fold the bag length wise to fit the remote and (3) seal it up. 


    Hotel Direct Box of 500 Clicker Covers - Shipping Included

    SKU: HDBOX500